Talent Management: Open Question re. Workplace Diversity

Questions for readers:

  1. How have you tried to integrate diversity into your TM practices?
  2. As you tried different strategies, what surprises and unintended consequences did you face?
  3. How did you resolve these?

One of the fascinating challenges/opportunities facing all organizations in Canada is the need to consider how to embrace diversity into our operating models. In my mind this about how to mutually take advantage and profit from being in Canada and being in the workplace.

Our customers are diverse and we strive (or by default) to mirror in suitable ways this fact. When we are successful, we achieve positive outcomes. When we do it poorly (or some aspects poorly), even inadvertently we fail to meet our hopes and we have to deal with surprises and unintended consequences.

This is the effect of uncertainty in our lives. We just don’t know before hand what all that can happen by our actions. But we can learn from these mis-steps, and we can subsequently succeed using our learning.

I am fascinated by what readers have done and more importantly how you successfully dealt with the surprises that ensued.


About 123stilllearning456

As a management consultant I am passionately interested in talent management and risk/uncertainty issues. In the area of talent management I propose that we seek strategies that look beyond the staffing/employee centric frames of reference. I have been frustrated at the "closing down on possibilities" by these more conventional staffing/employee centric approaches. I have been impressed where people have found systematic solutions to their talent management issues by going beyond the conventional approaches. In the area of risk and uncertainty, I am interested in making this topic relevant to more normal decision making situations. My conceptual foundation is to use the micro-economist's fixed/variable cost theme. I also think it is important to look at these issues for people through their emotional and psychological lens. As a premise I think risk and uncertainty only exist where there is a person who cares about possible events and its consequences. Hence, risk and uncertainty are social based concepts (no sentience, no risk and uncertainty). A major influence on my thinking in this area is Nassim Taleb of "Black Swan" fame. This BLOG provides me with an opportunity to express my thoughts on topics that interest me. As this is an online diary, content is more important to me than polish. I apologize if this distracts from readers' enjoyment and learning. Still I find this a useful way to live up to my namesake, learn more from others and hopefully provoke creative thoughts and ideas in others.
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