My name is Mark Adams and I am a Management Consultant. My practice has been in two principle areas: talent management and OD centric risk management (as this applies to talent management and strategy planning).

Over the last few years I have been focused on assisting clients with their talent management needs. This assistance has been in two main areas: helping organizations establish and operate their own talent management processes; helping organizations deal with their more problematic talent management issues.

What makes a problematic talent management issue: the organization’s current best practices around attraction and retention are (or expected to be) insufficient in meeting talent needs.

My approach has been to move talent management outside of the conventional HR attraction and retention oriented frame of reference to one that is business contextual. This approach has lead me more and more into my second area of consulting practice: risk management.

Finding solid OD centric information on risk management has been difficult. But I found that if I was to be truly helpful to clients on their talent management issues I needed to become more insightful and skillful in this subject.

This BLOG is intended to share with those who have parallel interests my learnings and insights in these two topic areas. I also hope that some of you will be interested in developing a “community of interest” in this area and together we can move our body of knowledge farther, faster and better.

For those who wish to know more about me:
* Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University (1985)
* email: markadams@shaw.ca
* been doing talent management work since 1998
* been doing strategy planning work since 1994
* been serious about learning about risk management since 2002


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