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Uncertainty, a significant OD challenge and opportunity

A recent article (Should we take a chance on uncertainty?) in the Vancouver Sun discussed some interesting and illuminating thoughts about uncertainty. The central thesis of the article suggests that at the end of the day, how we decide on … Continue reading

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Uncertainty & Risk: Continuing the OD Perspective Journey

I have come across an interesting author (Frank Knight) in Paper produced by History of Economics Review ((2010 Summer, 52) titled “Theorising Risk and Uncertainty in Social Enquiry: Exploring the Contribution of Frank Knight. Over the next few weeks I … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, Uncertainty, Uncertainty: The OD Practitioner’s Elephant in the Room

To clients of OD services: When was the last time your OD service provider demonstrated sound understanding of uncertainty and risk (U&R) in your “business”, the distinctions between them, and the practical strategy options for dealing with them? To OD … Continue reading

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